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No Fault Collections

In today’s tough economic times, those who extend their valuable services, whether as hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists or other healthcare professionals expect and need reimbursement for those services. Under New York’s No-Fault law, however, many No-Fault bills and invoices go unpaid. 

This lost income for health care providers may be due to a number of reasons including claim delaysdenials based on causalityIME’speer reviews or policy violations. Often, those owed the funds have little time or manpower to investigate these matters to determine what has caused these outstanding debts to go unpaid. 

Even if a patient has been cut off due to an IME, if in your medical opinion the patient is still in need of medical intervention, you can continue your course of medical treatment. Continue sending the bills to insurance companies on time and once you get the denials we will get you paid. You will not have to put a lien on clients cases or personally hold them responsible.

Our vast knowledge and experience with No-Fault ensures our clients the best service in collecting their unpaid claims. We recognize the individual needs of each client, and our attorneys and support staff work together striving for the best result on behalf of our clients. Most insurance companies systematically and arbitrarily deny No-Fault claims. The insurance company anticipates that the medical provider will not seek to collect the bill. This is where a law firm that is proficient in No-Fault collections is a necessity.

The Attorneys at Munawar Law Group, PLLC (‘Mlawfirm’) represent healthcare providers in obtaining reimbursement of No-Fault benefits . In representing our clients we immediately initiate collection efforts by any mean necessary including both Arbitration and Litigation.

We have developed systems and procedures designed to facilitate all the necessary components to file and collect claims in a quick and efficient manner while in accordance with the N.Y. State No-Fault Law at NO COST TO YOU!

There are two legal routes for collecting unpaid claim, Arbitration and Litigation. Mlawfirm represents clients in both arbitration and litigation matters. We are well-versed in No-Fault regulations and in pertinent court decisions. Pursuant to regulations and law, our attorneys scrupulously review each file to ensure that all required documents are submitted with the initial No-Fault filing.

Experience and Expertise

Our attorneys have substantial experience, legal knowledge and courtroom skills to handle these kind of cases, highlight of our firm is that we are Trial Law Firm that means we prepare every case as if it going to trial or in front of an Arbitrator. Due to the passion, the hard work and the resources we invest in each and every case insurance companies settle cases with Mlawfirm quickly and a high rate. We are confident that we can make the future brighter for our clients by increasing their revenue.

Mlawfirm represents numerous specialties including chiropractors, orthopedists, neurologists, physiatrists, dentists, physical therapists, podiatrists and acupuncturists. Whether we are handling small value clients or multi-million dollar clients, our goal is to provide the highest return on denied claims and to maximize revenue. 

Our No-Fault department takes great pride in being “hands-on” with our clients, regularly updating them as to the status of their claims. Our dual-degree attorneys, include medical doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists and RNs. They know the No-Fault business from both sides. We have successfully collected millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

Chiropractor: Initial report, treatment notes, any diagnostic testing and follow up examinations.

Acupuncture: Initial report, treatment notes and follow up examinations.

Physician: Initial report, treatment notes and follow up examinations.

Physical Therapist (P/T): Initial report, treatment notes, any diagnostic testing and follow up examinations.

MRI Facility: Initial and follow up report prior to the date of service of the MRI from the referring physician. Followup report that details how MRI findings help the doctor to customize the patients future course of treatment.

Diagnostic Test: Initial and follow up reports prior to date of service of Diagnostic Test. MRI results, P/T, Accu, Chiropractor and follow up reports that details how the test findings help the doctor to customize the patients future course of treatment.

Pain Management: Initial, all follow up reports, test results, P/T, Accu, and Chiropractor reports shows the extent of injury and why pain management procedures are medically necessary

Orthopedic Surgeon: All conservative treatment notes prior to meeting orthopedist test results initial consult with the surgeon, surgical reports and all post-surgical reports.

Surgery Centers & Hospitals: Initial and followup report from the surgeon, all diagnostic testing and surgical reports.

No Fault Collections Cases We Handle

 Assignment of Benefits

Outstanding Bills / Associated Medical

Proof of Mail / All Denials

Medical Records (before and after bills in dispute)

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