Forklifts a.k.a lift trucks are powered industrial trucks that are widely used in construction jobs because they achieve tasks that no one worker can do by himself. These vehicles save contractors and construction companies a lot of labor and man-hours. But when a lift truck is used without proper care and caution, it could cause injuries to the operator or other workers and sometimes lead to tragic deaths.


Construction workers forklifts on a regular basis aware that how dangerous they can be. In an environment that often stresses productivity over safety, accidents and injuries are likely to occur. Some of the most common ways by which these accidents occur include when workers are run over by a passing lift truck; when forklift operators fall off their truck and are crushed or run over by it; or in back-up collisions when the operator fails to spot another worker on the site or on a loading dock.


Thousands of workers are injured in forklift accidents every year. When an accident happens to you or someone you love, you need a new York forklift accident attorney who understands what you are going through and what you need to move forward.


We maintain a close knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, as well as other relevant New York laws that can impact workers who have been injured in forklift accidents. We can effectively handle your court case, as well as your workers’ compensation claim, so that you only have to speak to one law firm about your case. We also represent families in wrongful death lawsuit after fatal forklift accident.


Forklift accidents can cause serious brain, spinal cord, neck and back injuries, many of which leave victims out-of-work and disabled. In some cases, these injuries have caused life-altering conditions, such as paraplegia and quadriplegia. Our forklift accident lawyers know just you serious your case is, and have the resources and staying power to go the distance for you.

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