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A construction workers job requires to work on ladders, scaffolds, roofs and on other structures that, because they are high above the ground, it exposes them to fall or being struck by falling objects. When workers fall from heights, or when objects fall from heights and land on workers, the result can be broken bones, devastating head injuries and other serious injuries. These injuries often make it impossible to return to work and can involve expensive medical care. Getting compensation for lost wages and doctor bills is critical for injured workers and their families.

Construction accident lawyers at Munawar Law Group, PLLC have substantial experience, legal knowledge, and courtroom skills to handle this kind of cases, the highlight of our firm is that we are Trial Law Firm which means we prepare every case as if it going to trial. Due to the passion, and hard work resources we invest in every case, we are confident that we can get our clients the maximum compensation possible.

Labor and Personal Injury Law in New York Construction Accidents

After any construction accident, it is important for victims to know their rights and what compensation they may be entitled to under the law. Labor Law Section 240 covers scaffolding accidents, falls from heights, excavation and demolition work. This law gives workers who have been injured in falls from heights the chance to file suit against the owner and general contractor. Mlawfirm can explain the law, your rights and what options you have for pursuing the benefits that you deserve.

When contractors, property owners or their agents are negligent and that negligence leads to serious injuries, our lawyers will take every step within the law to hold these negligent parties accountable. When workers’ compensation benefits are your sole remedy, we can help you file for those benefits. In every workplace accident, we will find every liable party and seek appropriate compensation from them.

Contact Mlawfirm to learn more about personal injury law and construction accidents in New York City. Our attorneys also represent families in wrongful death lawsuits. We serve clients in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and throughout New York State. We are prepared to help you recover the damages you deserve, Call us for FREE CONSULTATION at (212)-400-4000 or email at [email protected]

Employers have a responsibility to keep construction sites safe for workers and passersby. At our firm, we not only want to see that you recover full compensation, but also want to ensure that contractors, property owners, managers and other responsible parties are held accountable when their negligence causes injuries to others.

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