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Cranes are some of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on a construction site. Their huge size makes them difficult to control, and just one wrong move can cause the cargo to drop or the crane to smash through a building, injuring and/or killing many people in the process.

At Munawar Law Group, PLLC, our crane accident lawyers have substantial experience, legal knowledge, and courtroom skills to handle this kind of cases, the highlight of our firm is that we are Trial Law Firm which means we prepare every case as if it going to trial. Due to the passion, and hard work resources we invest in every case, we are confident that we can make the future brighter for our clients.

There are so many things that can go wrong stemming from everyday usage, there can also be accidents related to faulty crane equipment, poor maintenance of cranes, or operator error. When this happens, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries or for the death of a loved one involved in a crane accident.

While there are several types of cranes used in construction and other industrial areas, fatalities are more prevalent in mobile crane accidents, truck crane incidents, tower crane accidents, and gantry crane incidents. After a crane accident that leaves you injured, or harms a loved one, you deserve answers. You need a crane accident lawyer who will work hard to get the compensation you deserve.

Our Firm handles both your personal injury lawsuit and your workers’ compensation claim, when appropriate, making the process of obtaining benefits as easy as possible for you and your family. You can have every assurance that we will put your needs first.

Aggressive Representation for Crane Accident Cases

On construction sites, cranes are a major source of extensive damage and serious injuries. When workers are not properly trained on how to use cranes properly, tragic accidents can result. Crane accidents can also be caused by insufficient maintenance or defective equipment. By pursuing maximum compensation, our clients can pay for necessary medical treatment and other expenses, especially if their injuries have left them unable to work. When crane accidents result in tragic deaths for workers, we can represent family members in wrongful death lawsuits.

File a Personal Injury Claim After Your Accident

As construction accident attorneys with a lengthy track record of success, we are familiar with the regulations that need to be followed in New York. We will be aggressive in pursuing full monetary damages from those responsible for your injuries.

Contact Mlawfirm to schedule a FREE initial consultation with a crane accident lawyer at (212)-400-4000 or email at [email protected]. We are serving clients in the Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and throughout New York State we are prepared to help you recover the damages you deserve.

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